Courses Highlights

Provide Quality Education to Impart Life skills & Values

Rajrani College includes 100 hours of English language & workplace skill training. These skills help our students during placements since most IT Companies look for employees who possess these skills.

Rajrani College trains students in Database, Windows, Web & Open source technologies accounting, quality & software engineering concepts.

Includes E-projects, which are projects given, guided & evaluated by expert faculty. Through email, students get guidance from this top faculty at every stage of the project.

Rajrani College helps students speak better English & develop job skills. It also imparts placements tips such ah how to handle job interviews & make effective presentations.

Rajrani College offers several exit options. After completing a module, students get satisfy in that technology.


Individual attention on every student to deliver quality education for the betterment of mankind.

On successful completion of the 3-year & 1 yr program, students get the UGC/DEC/AIU approved University Marksheet & Certificate with Rajrani College certified certificate.

Rajrani College also offers specialized programs for engineering, management & IT students

Rajrani College N-power offers programs in Skill Development, Traditional Stream, Hardware & Networking.